Visual Studio can be quite viral in my life. When I am “into” something or having to pick up a new technology or methodology, it is where I reside. This Sunday morning; it is a comfortable place to be!

The new project I am working on and the Entity Framework, in particular, are the objects of my latest bout of obsession.

I have had a particularly good week; for the first time in my current role, I am writing tests prior to code. Logging in on the weekend when there is nothing that has to be done is a very good indication of my happiness in work.

Scoping a task in tests is one of my favorite elements of TDD (and software development as a whole.) The effort to make the test suite be the best documentation of the elements they test is one that makes perfect sense to me. Developers will write document business rules which will be validated each time the test suite is run. In addition, I like writing tests; they increase my understanding of what I am doing.