I played with some new software development tools this weekend, TeamCity and Mingle.

TeamCity is a build server by the wonderful folks at JetBrains. It is a package I have wanted to take a look at for a few moons after Roy Oshergrove mentioned it in his blog. Using it this weekend as the build server for GameProject (my XNA adventure!) is the first time that I have put it through its paces. (More accurately I put it through a few baby steps!)

Mingle, is an agile planning & tracking tool by ThoughtWorks and it comes with a year evaluation license for five seats. Again GameProject was my guinea pig. The software at first glance is a bit more than I need as the one guy on the project but it looks shiny nonetheless. The best implementation of “cards” on screen I have seen yet. I shall be sticking to a combination of Google Notebooks and RSS for now.