Star-128x128 Zara Grace is my youngest daughter. She is a bubbly, smiley six month old who loves sitting at daddy’s computer thumping his keyboard. With the release of the XNA Game Studio 3.0 in the last few weeks, I decided to spend my geek time this weekend putting her together a simple “bash the keyboard game.” And low, Bouncy was born!

Bouncy is a very simple 2d “game” which baby can interact with by hitting keys. It represent my first foray into game development with the XNA Framework and I am quite happy with it considering it is about a days worth of effort. For those who are new to XNA or have not tried it out yet, I hope this project will serve as a “quick start.” It demonstrates the rendering of a texture, sound effects and music, some simple physics and the handling of user input.

The binaries and source are available for download at Magoo Games.