I have been plagued with a sore back this week. The upshot of which is I have been trying to take it easy. I took a couple of days holiday on Thursday and Friday to help facilitate this. So … being sat about trying not to work on the computer is not very agile at all! I found myself almost obsessing on the concept of an impediment and what it means to me personally.

I summize that should I remove or allow the removal of all of my impediments; I shall move unhindered throughout what I must get achieved. However, to have any objective method of testing the condition “Have I removed all impediments?”, I must first know what they all are.

This thought caused me to reflect my own personal GTD scheme, NFS (Not Forgetting Stuff) needs a bit of tweaking. I keep a task list, it never gets completed so I believe it is the same list I started about five and a half years ago. Being agile has changed the way I work. Indeed in some ways the way I live too. I think the way I quantify the things I need to acheve may well need to change.

I have a few hours spare this morning so I will mock up a tool for recording and viewing my new way of thinking about tasks.