My last little while has been spent getting my EeePC configured just as I want it. Being a C# developer, I wanted to make sure there was nothing I would not be able to “try out” on the train journey to and from work. (or any spare 30 minutes or so to be perfectly honest!) That meant I needed Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server and a source control solution.

I have never been a masochist so I waited until I had upgraded the RAM in the EeePC to 2Gb; although SharpDevelop performed admirably with the previous 512 Mb incarnation, the lack of ASP.NET hampered it’s usefulness to me. After adding a 6Gb SD card I was ready to start.

Firstly, XP with all the updates to the solid state hard drive. You must make sure to use NTFS as you will need to mount the SD card to an empty directory inside this drive. Then install VS 2008 as usual with the target as inside the SD cards mounted directory. I then un-installed SQL Server Express and installed it with advanced services to get the Management Studio. I then installed svn1click and presto … my Developer EeePC.

I have been using my EeePC for everything at home this week, including using Terminal Services into work. It has performed wondrously and I have had the opportunity to sit in the living room with my gorgeous wife whilst still getting my geek face on!