Monday rolls around and again I find myself blogging on the train ride home reflecting on my day. The similarity of the words mundane and Monday is never lost on me on Monday mornings. The commute is dreary with seldom a smile to be had from the disgruntled masses. Follow that with the weekly development meeting, updates on the previous week’s support calls and all told lunchtime Monday is the “true” start of my week.

After the midday sustenance it seems motivation levels in my office are at a really good level. Having dispensed with our earlier mentioned administration tasks we are on to the nitty-gritty of our various projects. This weeks is one I hold quite dear; the automation of unit tests for the user interface.

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon constructing the first of automated tests using WatiN along with the three other members of my team. It was “quad” programming at it’s best! In addition to bringing us all on to the same page regarding the use of the new tool to automate IE, the session yielded an impromptu “style” to the tests and helper methods we intend to create. Hopefully, tomorrow we can apply the lessons of this afternoon to the tasks of scripting the tests for the newest component of our software suite.

WatiN (Web application testing in .NET) is based upon WatiR and is an open source tool for automating the testing of Web applications. It comes with all it’s source code (in C#) , a test recorder and MS Excel importer.

Some WatiN resources:

WatiN Project
Adam Esterline’s Blog

Later in the week I shall review how I have found it to use but thus far indications are positive.