After a rather distracting weekend of household chores and FA cup football, I finally got round to getting my dual boot system up and running on the EeePc on the train home this evening. I am now running XP on the SSD and Xubuntu on a 2.5 Gig partion on my newly acquired 6 GB SDHC card.

After the hours I have wiled away at this endeavour, I got a great sense of satisfaction out of seeing my Grub menu with XP sitting at the foot of the list.

My observations overall are that XP is a hell of a lot easier to get onto the SSD by far (XP3eSD works great, this is just not how XP Pro was designed to run) and that a shared Fat32 partition on the SD card makes the logistics of the dual boot system way more comfortable.

So a quick stab at Bluetooth and then bedtime methinks.