Due to the small mountain of stuff I was involved in getting achieved at work this weekend, the train journey home this Friday evening has been one of quiet contentment. Barring anything major coming up in Monday’s code review, I feel we had a really good week.

So looking forward to the weekend I have a few geeky endeavours I wish to potter at. (In between a spot of remedial painting, entertaining my favourite three-year old and wife-appeasing furniture moving!)

The first task should not be too arduous; I am going to get a version of Linux running off of an SD card on my EeePC. I have decided to use DSL (Damn Small Linux) because I wish to use the majority of the card it resides on as a FAT partition to use for5 documents that can be shared between the new Linux OS and my main (for the moment at least) XP OS.

I want to get a little ahead of the game in my current Open University courses (I am currently studying for a B.Sc. in Computing and Mathematical Sciences.) The two assignments aren’t due for weeks, but if I get them done early, I won’t feel guilty if I devote a big chunk of time to my Microsoft certification study. Oh what a gloriously busy geek I am!

Another thing on my ever increasing technological agenda is to have XP recognize my USB Bluetooth dongle and in turn use it to connect to my Orange phone as a modem. It’s not an ideal medium for connecting to the ether but in a push might suffice.

Lastly, I want to work on my website a little. I noticed that a user control that I was tinkering with a while back has since given up the ghost and feel it is about time that the site gives a better portrayal of myself professionally. Whilst I am very happy with my current position; it would not hurt to have a more professional-looking on-line advertisement of my abilities.