The weekend saw a slightly frustrated geek trying not to let his three year old hear him swearing profusely at his mbr, hal.dll and ntldr in turn. I had intended to try and mimic what I had read is possible and get XP booting from an SD card on my EeePC.

In a word … HRUMPF!

Firstly, there are some wonderful tutorials for doing what I set out to do on the internet and as I flush out his I’ll add the links to them here. However, none of them quite got me there. In the end I bit the bullet and decided to sacrifice the solid state disk to Windows. I figure the other OSes (Mac OSX Tiger and Linux) that I wish to use with the machine will be much more friendly to USB booting.

Using the EeePC tutorials install from one USB key instructions and XP3eSD utility. I was delighted to see my BSOUF (Blue screen of ultimate frustration!)

XP Install starts

A few (well more than a few!) hours later and no small amount of Redmond directed abuse; elation was mine. It looked awfully like a field of tulips.

Success is mine!

This post is being authored on the EeePC under XP SP2 in FireFox.