Three hours of commute a day makes the need for a mobile computing one of my biggest geek issues. My Samsung Q45 is my main machine and I find it a joy to work on; an external hard-drive, monitor, MS Natural keyboard and a trackball and you have my desk. But at just over 2kg plus a medium sized power block, it is not easy to lug around and get something done upon whilst in transit.

Enter my newest computer; an Asus EeePC (a house full of family over the Christmas break is a very good excuse for buying another!) It is not a powerhouse by any means but it is mobile and inexpensive; I purchased the 4GB version for £220.

The Linux OS was not a daunting prospect as I like the waters of the OS movement but I professionally swim in Bill’s pool. I found the ASUS tweaked Xandros distro a little clunky (although my 3 year old might get one with the shipped OS for her fourth birthday!) When I struggled to get MonoDevelop comfortably installed, I made the decision to install a different OS.

I was pleasantly surprised how little time it took to install eeeXUbuntu though and then the real OS party began. Using apt I quickly got about supplementing the software that is rolled up in this version of Linux. I have installed MonoDevelop, Evolution and OpenOffice.

Thus far the machine has performed admirably. I must admit watching my first aspx page written and served up on a Linux laptop was very cool; the fact the thing ways under a kilo and almost fits in my coat pocket more so.

My plan for the weekend is to get Windows XP booting from the SD card. I’ll keep you posted.