In addition to visiting some of my favourite family this weekend, I got a fair amount done in the geek realm.

The first group of tasks I wanted to achieve was to get an older laptop up and running as a development platform. The background being a vast reduction in the hardware I have at my disposal. We have just relocated back to the U.K from Canada; the only computers that joined us were my main machine (Dell Dimension 9200 with all the bells and whistles) and a slightly outdated E-Machine laptop.

A very smooth Debian install followed by a little symbolic link jiggery-pokery to get Eclipse to see my Java VM and “Voila!”, A development platform. Just one problem, I am a C# guy. So some more command line gymnastics, adding the unstable sources to my sources.list and MonoDevelop jumped onto my machine. A quick fixture/class combo to check things out and “Yeehaw”, the familiar glow of NUnit’s green light’s of happiness are emanating the laptop. Subversion and Apache also made appearances in supporting roles. Now my wife can kick me off the “big” computer with impunity. Good geek, good husband!

Other geeky bits of the weekend included a few more wonderful hours wiled away to the dulcet tones of Franklin and Campbell of DNR and some more chapters of Uncle Bob and son’s “Agile Design Patterns and Practices in C#”.