Due to family commitments, I have left Victorian Epicure; today was my last day. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and was very touched by the unsolicited letter of reference that the Director of I.T had put together for me. It made me think of how I had researched Epicure prior to applying (Monster, their site, Google.) So this is my unsolicited letter of reference for the firm as an employer.

If I had to pick just one word to describe working for Victorian Epicure it would be “Fantastic.”

In more than one word, the company as a whole (and the I.T. Department in specific) is built from good folk. There is a genuine warmth to the workplace that is a joy to be around. The company is growing and feeds from those at the top. I have NEVER worked somewhere where the commitment to the cause was so resolute at the top. It is infectious; I found it impossible not to invest myself at work when the directors did so so completely. When you couple that enthusiasm with a stellar corporate social responsibility ethic you create an entity that is so much more than just a business.

In all it’s future endeavours I wish Epicure and it’s people success and joy.