I am in my last few days of my current engagement and am trying to impart on my team mates the importance of communication before I go. The byline to that might have been “Explaining why I talk so much!”

  • Talk! Share your problems and achievements with your colleagues. Victories are more worthwhile and more common when you play as a team. Even a rage against the machine can be useful; your team will come running if you start hitting your monitor with your shoe!
  • Get a wheely chair! It is fun to shoot accross the office pretending to bugle the “Charge of Light Brigade” in response to a team members request for help.
  • Say “No!”, Pause, Say “YES!!!” If you “smell” an odour in what they are saying, be a devil’s advocate when someone maps out how they intend to do something. If they allay your fears be more emphatic with the “YES!” You will understand their course of action better and so will they.